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The Harte Research Institute is dedicated to the application of responsible marine science in promoting the economic and environmental sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico. Research conducted by HRI scientists are addressing the region’s urgent and long-term policy challenges and advancing more effective and economically efficient strategies in marine conservation worldwide.
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Notable Successes


Oil spill contingency planning, the projected impact of sea level rise, the role of artificial reefs in the conservation of Gulf fisheries, and the establishment of environmental baselines for the Gulf of Mexico are just a few Harte Research Institute (HRI) research initiatives that have made the HRI one of the most widely referenced research institutions in the tri-national region of the United States, Mexico, and Cuba.
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Reaching New Horizons


Through the application of responsible science, the Harte Research Institute is creating a growing awareness of the Gulf’s vast resources and how these resources can be most effectively managed and protected. Learn more about HRI’s research initiatives.
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Sponsorship Support

By leveraging contributions from environmental organizations, government agencies, individuals and industry supporters, HRI is leading is leading the way in creating a more secure and sustainable future for the Gulf of Mexico. Learn how you can help us make a difference today.

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